Along the Maya Resorts Riviera Maya


Along the Yucatan Peninsula, there is a stretch of land that is defined by its main beaches and clear warm Caribbean waters. Known as Riviera Maya you will find a host of Mayan Resorts that offer a variety of vacation packages that appeal to just about anyone.

This stretch of beach has been a holiday secret for many years and runs from Cancun in the north to the ancient Mayan ruins of Cotton in the south. The region has seen a spurt in tourist activity over the past decade or so as more and more people find what it has to offer.

There are huge, huge resources available for you to visit and experience; From modern amenities to the quaint tropical jungle and everything in between, you can stay at the modern Mayan Resorts which offers beach activities, spas, snorkeling, gourmet restaurants, exciting nightlife, world-class golf courses and much more than you can think of.

For those interested in exploring the jungle, culture and history there is just so much to choose from. You can visit many of the ancient Mayan cities or take an eco-tour to the ecological reserve in Sean Kane. There are eco-parks in escort and jail-hands that feature water park attractions.

The allure of snorkeling and diving along the Riviera Maya is the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef system that runs from Cancun to Guatemala in the south. It is the second largest barrier reef system in the world after Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

If you are planning a vacation in Riviera Maya, it is recommended that you consider doing this at one of the all-inclusive Mayan Resorts. Everything you want and need at the resort’s destination is provided before you ever leave the house, for the simple fact that it’s hard to beat an all-inclusive vacation.

Here are a few of the more well-known Mayan resorts that you can find throughout the Yucatan Peninsula.

Rio Palace Riviera Maya Resort – This beautiful resort is located in the Riviera Mayer Players area and is only a mile away from Playa del Carmen. It has a leafy landscaped garden back from a natural white sand beach. It has six thematic international restaurants that serve different types of cuisine. It is family friendly and provides daily baby activities.

Hacienda Tres Rios Resort – After a short 45 minute walk from Cancun International Airport you will find yourself at a luxury Mayan Resort surrounded by a 326 acre nature reserve. This world-class resort offers its guests all inclusive vacation opportunities in a natural environment that allows them to experience all that the tropical rainforest has to offer.

Grand Palladium White Sand and Riviera Resort & Spa – This resort is part of a large complex of Mayan Resorts consisting of four five-star hotels. Built to preserve natural surroundings, this resort blends in with its surroundings. It has six restaurants and 12 bars, and all guests have access to the amenities of other hotels on the property.

Acumal Beach Resort – Acumal is a Mayan word meaning “turtle place” and for good reason. More than a mile from the white sandy beach, this destination offers snorkeling in the ancient Caribbean waters with sea turtles. Acumal is smaller and offers a more relaxed and comfortable environment than other Mayan resorts.

Riviera Maya is truly a world-class vacation destination without a world-class price. It is cheaper than many domestic destinations and can be much more affordable than other Caribbean islands such as Jamaica or Barbados. Even visitors from Europe find their euros going farther away when visiting one of the many Mayan resorts on holiday.