What is an In?


Travelers sound old fashioned for a place where travelers make accommodations for the night. This dates back to quite a period of time where the Inns were first established a few thousand years ago when the Romans created their road system. They realized that people who use these roads would also need somewhere to travel the long haul and the sidewalk because we know it was born.

Then, a landlord’s place is a place where you can rest and wherever you can get food. Instead of being a lobby to see your hotels nowadays, you would have to knock on the door and the company owner, coworker, would answer the door and see if it was appropriate to allow you access.

As we were becoming more industrialized, more Innes began to spring, but they followed closely the transport paths of that time. This is if the guests were traveling by stagecoach, with the ins on the main roads that are often rotated by their standcoaches. When trains became the norm, they would simply stop at certain points along a route, and there you would find rooms. People got off the train and needed somewhere near the station to stay.

Today, everyone owns a car or two and the freeway is a popular way of travel, what do you see on the highest departures on the highways? That’s right, they are full of hotels of every detail. The same philosophy holds true as it did years ago, inns, hotels, motels, even beds and breakfast establishments need to be where the travelers are.

Nowadays of course, the word is sometimes just part of the name of a hotel company, other times they don’t use the word at all, but they are known as motel or hotel depending on the level of service provided. The stables are up and instead we see parking spaces for our ‘horses’. While this may vary somewhat, the original concept has been the same for centuries.

The pubs in some of the European countries are still called Ins. These are more than just places to drink with friends, but history is the same.