India’s leading online travel company (OTA) – get to know them better before you use their services


There are more than 30 online travel companies in India, excluding airlines and other hotel sites, some of them specializing in a particular field. Below are the top ten sites where you can book your trip to India, for the benefit of visitors from all over the world – – Mr. Deep Kalra is founded and promoted by MakeMyArtrip, India’s No.1 travel website, the country’s top website for any travel related product and service. They offer airline tickets, hotel bookings, car rentals, holiday destinations and even train bookings on their website now. MakeMyTrip provides US / Canada markets, Indian markets, and recently launched MakeMyTrip UAE. MakeMyTrip is now launching their first IPO in the US and raising about $ 100 million. They over-subscribed and raised about $ 800 million. Their office is located outside Gurgaon in India and they have 700 employees. Their code specialization is in the field of holiday planning and booking with travelers. They are believed to be selling more than 8000 tickets a day.

Chariot trip – The ride is known as the second best OTA travel website in the country. Dhruv Shringi promoted two other guys who had worked with e-bookers before the initiative. The ride is funded by some top Indian Reliance Group, TV18 Group and NVP and has recently received funding from Intel. They specialize in domestic flights. They are located outside Gurgaon, India and have more than 600০০ employees. They also book car rental, hotel, holiday and train bookings. Currently, it is expected that they are selling more than 5,000 tickets a day.

Cleartrip – About 5 years ago, Cleartrip was a new entrant in the Indian market and they are known for their technology. As the name says, their technology is very clean and even on their home page, you won’t see any banners and pop ups. They are the first OTAs to integrate with India’s railway protection system called IRCTC. They are outside Mumbai and have a smaller team than MakeMyTrip or Travel.

Expedia India – Expedia has recently entered Indian travel destinations and is currently focusing on its hotel business. They have not yet been able to integrate LCCs (low-cost carriers) such as GoAir, Goidigo, JetLite, Kingfisher Red etc. into their portfolio. But it is certain that within a year they will be leading the Indian market.

Travelocity India – Travelocity is once again a new entrant in the Indian market and they are moving fast. They recently purchased another hotel, OTA, called TravelGuru. They are being controlled from Singapore.