Your (Everybody’s) Car Battery Is Dying! Now What?


As a matter of fact, the most common type of battery used in today’s UPS system is valve-regulated lead acid battery (VRLA). VRLA batteries are designed using proven valve regulated gas recombination technology that removes the need for regular water addition by controlling the evolution of hydrogen and oxygen during charging. This means that the oxygen normally produced on the positive plates of all lead-acid batteries is absorbed by the negative plate. This suppresses the production of hydrogen at the negative plate. Water (H20) is produced instead, retaining the moisture within the battery. It never needs watering, and should never be opened as this would “poison” the battery with additional oxygen from the air.

As you might have guessed, these types are more expensive than the standard variety. However, they make great ATV batteries because you never have to add water to them.

Don’t leave your electric golf cart plugged into the charger for extended periods of time. After the charge is done, unplug the charger from the cart and from the wall.

Gassing: When the cell is fully charged, it starts liberating the gas freely. In reconditioning a battery the hydrogen is liberated at cathode while oxygen at the anode. Gassing is a good indication of fully charged battery. Some acid particles may go out with the gases hence the charging room must be kept well ventilated.

Then I told him that it’s definitely a sealed reconditioning battery. if I just pour water to fill the cells then it would be too dilute because the is just enough acid to make it work in dry condition, so I think I should add acid so I make it to work as flooded reconditioning battery.

The New Ford Fiesta is feisty to stand by its name and has both petrol and diesel options. All the eight variants of Fiesta drive with 1.5L engines and span Rs.8.24 to 10.43 Lakh price band. Suspension, a combination of McPherson front strut and semi-independent twist beam supported rear shock absorbers makes for comfortable travel.

DISCLAIMER: Batteries form explosive gases! Any sparks caused by tools, or flame can cause your battery to explode. I’ve never blown one up yet but I’ve seen others do it so BE CAREFUL! If you don’t feel comfortable doing this task, seek professional help.

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