Radio Station Guide To Northeast Pennsylvania


When you’re organising a function it’s important to make sure the music you book suits the occasion, that’s pretty obvious. However, it’s easy to get this wrong and when you do it makes for an evening of cringing for you and your musicians. Here’s how to make sure that doesn’t happen to you!

“Express Yourself” was released on the Like a Prayer album in 1989. Madonna once again reinvented herself with this album, proving that she had a voice with something to say besides the usual bubblegum pop people were accustomed to hearing from her. “Express Yourself” has a spectacular message to all women of being unafraid of who you are. While it takes on a very sexual tone, the message can be applied to all aspects of life. The song itself has great musical quality. The lyrics tell a story and the instrumental is flashy but does not overpower the lyrics. “Express Yourself,” with its excellent message, is one of Madonna’s top ten songs.

Another true love is cosmetics . . . so shop for the latest cosmetic trend ~ even a ‘sample pack’ of the latest and greatest is sure to please! For a male ~ just take a ‘detour’ to the men’s counter!

If your Aquarian gift needs to be more business oriented then anything to do with travel such as a new travel cosmetic bag or passport holder is sure to please.

This is one of the newer stations in the market. Coupled with the previous listed station, 102.3 The Mountain, these two used to simulcast another manitou springs station, which then turned into The Buzz, an all 80s station. Then, the two frequencies broke up, one going back to the AC format and the other, the polar opposite- rock and roll!

Practice, practice and practice. Remember the first step: go ahead with Spanish conversation right away and make many mistakes. As one famous author said, ‘Language fluency is more dependent on practicing the right things than learning the right things’.

The Surprise Box: Angela Eversole didn’t think of this one. People like surprises. So, I will trade one surprise box for each $100 gas card that you would like to give me.

Everybody likes a good surprise box, right? To get yours, simply start sending me those 100.00 gas cards and I promise to pack you up a nice one. Angela Eversole isn’t the only lady on the earth who wants to trade for gas cards. Come on folks! Give me a try!

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