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Article marketing should be part of your MLM training and business. It is a cheap way to promote you. But we do not want to create content and only have it one location. You spend time and effort researching and writing your articles. Publish and recycle it in as many places as you can. Here are 10 places you can recycle your article.

Think about it. Joe Blogger has a regular following. Every day a few thousand people visit his guest blog posting service to hear what he has to say about dog training or auto repair or accounting or the law. They all talk among themselves in the comment section and Joe Blogger knows most of his regular readers by their first names.

The title you choose for your post is very important because this is what will appear in the search engine, links, RSS feeds, social media sites and other locations. A good title will determine if the post receives readership because it forms the decision on whether or not people read the article. If you have informative content but the title does not grab the attention of readers, no one will read your well-researched article!

Another great means to get links from the body of a blog is to do some guest blog posting service service. Blog owners are very busy attempting to keep their blog active, but even blog house owners like to take a vacation once in a very while. If you provide to guest post, those blog house owners can have the simplest of both worlds, and the sole issue it prices them is a byline with a link back to your site.

Focus On Your Blog – If you have multiple small projects that are detracting from your blog and not resulting in profit, put them on hold and focus on what will work.

And in some cases guest bloggers are like celebrities – they bring their own traffic along with them to the blog they’re guest posting on. The blog owner gets the benefit of the additional traffic and the guest blogger gets the benefit of a new audience.

Hopefully this gives you a good jump start on your blog makeover. There are dozens of other tips that can help instantly improve the quality of your blog. The same idea holds true through them all though – content is number one. Never sacrifice that truth for efficiency or quantity.

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