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So often we see lists of the “all time” top 10 songs or albums, usually conducted by a magazine or a radio station. They serve two useful purposes. Firstly, they attract new readers and audiences, mainly of people who want to argue against any entry they don’t like. Secondly, they are a handy piece of market research. Britain’s Q Magazine recently published their readers’ poll of the 100 greatest songs (amusingly described as “the definitive countdown of the nation’s playlist”). The top two songs: Oasis’s Live Forever and Wonderwall. The message to Q: plaster the magazine with Oasis stories (which they do anyway).

Ever had a breakup, and out of desperation, all you want your ex to go is LISTEN to you because you think you can explain why or you assume you can talk them out of the breakup. The more you call, drop by, follow your ex to work, text message or email, the more and more they are going to look at you ( SOMEONE THEY ARE STILL IN LOVE WITH ) AS CRAZY!!! You didn’t leave them alone when all you had to do is take the focus off of them and onto you. What you have done is create a BETTER reason for breaking up with you. YOU JUST VALIDATED YOU EX!! AARRGGHH!!

Oh, yes… it feels good to be in love. It also wakes us up to many wonderful facets of our own selves. We also want the loved one to be ‘The One’. We want it to last forever. But quite often than not, what seemed like ‘Forever’ turns out to be something transitory, and we are left with a broken heart, non-stop tears, bitter feelings and lingering pain. Relationships do not come with a guarantee or an expiry date, but it is still better to read the fine prints, before one plunges deeper into the quagmire of illusions.

In order for the custom written buy beats to be created, all I needed to do was send a short paragraph, describing a little bit about the song and what I wanted to say in it. Within a day, I received a very reasonable quote in my inbox. After I accepted the quote and paid the small deposit, they immediately began creating the song. Soon after, I received lyrics and a rough draft of the song. I was very thrilled with the results, so I gave the approval to finalize the song. Next, I received a twenty second clip of the song to make sure I approved. Immediately upon receiving my approval I was sent a copy of the song on CD, as well as mp3. I also received a lyric sheet, written beautifully on parchment paper.

The iPad can capably play music or movies that stream online. Songs and movies can be saved on the iPad’s internal drive and played any time. Sit back and comfortably watch a show or movie after mounting the iPad on a wall. The screen is admittedly smaller than most televisions, but the portability of the iPad and mount make for ideal viewing on the go.

Not only is this one of the most popular Beatles songs, it is one of the few not written by Lennon and/or McCartney. Something was George Harrison’s breakthrough song.

Here and Now – Luther Vandross: What better way to end this playlist off then with a staple wedding song? For years this song has been heard at weddings everywhere. The newly married couple dances as Luther sings that he promises to love faithfully. This is the love song of all love songs.

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